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Kerminy is run by artists, visiting (international) practitioners and permanent non-profit organizations.

Kerminy is a user-created place, an independently-funded residency which provides opportunities for artists to work in relation to the local territory and with an international network of artistic exchanges (see → PAN FORUM).

Via the non-profit organization OPEN, Kerminy welcomes in its manor professional and semi- professional artists (both individuals and collectives), students and researchers working in the field of art, agriculture, media, architecture, landscape, ecosomatic practices, ecology and nature. Each individual or collective autonomously organizes their residence, lasting from one day/night or up to one month (and renewable depending on the project), to work, think, learn, share and exchange.

Kerminy welcomes all those who want to expand and develop their professional practice in contact with several international artistic networks and within a patrimonial rural context that develops its ecology.


Kerminy is created by 4 family members that bought the place in January 2020 by setting up a specific property company or SCI: two artists (members of the art collective n), an architect and an accompanying woman. This basic nucleus wishes to open Kerminy up to artistic and agricultural uses in a collective and ecosystem dynamic.

The reflection is supported by representatives of several friendly associations (Jean-François Rolez of SNHACK/Saint-Nazaire Hackerspace, permanent staff of PAF/Performing Arts Forum of Saint Erme, members of the PAN-FORUM network, Yassir Yebba / Territoire Alimentaire, Guy Van Belà from KRA/Kravin Rural Arts, Edith Doove / Bureau Doove etc.) and relatives involved.


OPEN is the first organisation created by the Kerminy founders in order to facilitate the residents' accommodation. This association uses the largest part of the manor.

Each stay at Kerminy includes an OPEN membership : 12 euros. The active members thus become users of Kerminy main building to work there individually or collectively, participate in any of the activities of the place (meetings, workshops …). Members can also propose projects and be insured for working and staying at Kerminy. The first stay is limited to 1 month maximum.

OPEN is an association for everyone!

OPEN association's general assembly takes place every year on January the 17th, in Kerminy. Welcome to all members!

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Kerminy hosts the artist collective (n), initiators of the place, Marina Pirot & Dominique Leroy.

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(n) organizes and manages the “repair weeks” for community volunteering planned for 2021:

  • REPAIR WEEK 1: February from the 20th to the 26th (we are looking for 6 people)
  • REPAIR WEEK 2: March from the 20th to the 26th (we are looking for 6 people)
  • REPAIR WEEK 3: May FROM the 15th to the 21th (we are looking for 6 people)
  • REPAIR WEEK 4: June from the 31th to the 4th (we are looking for 6 people)

Registration for volunteering for the “repair weeks” here: contact@kerminy.org

From (n), several independent structures are in development in Kerminy :

  • _CYCLO-FARM, an agricultural project for the food autonomy of the place and the creation of agricultural tools to work on living soil.

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  • _ ECOSOMA, somatic bodywork workshops that are offered in connection with the landscape, the forest, the vegetable garden and the way of working in the fields.

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  • _OPEN-ARCHITECTURE for the development of eco-constructions through open workshops (structure in creation).


Several people and organizations wish to join Kerminy and get permanently involved on site. The collective (n) proposes to set up an informal “body” (without legal status) called “Kerminy Collective” which will bring together the representatives of these different contributory structures. An entry and exit process in the collective is currently under consideration.


The KAF (Kerminy Artistic Fund) is an endowment fund 1) project that is being developed to support collective Kerminy projects (of which some may be open to the public). The endowment fund is a legal structure (between the association and the foundation) which will allow the collective acquisition of equipment to serve users and the visiting public. KAF can finance equipment and landscaping in order to allow new practices to exist. Its Board of Directors must be made up of authorized persons and not beneficiaries.

The endowment fund is a sponsorship organization intended to carry out, or to help another non-profit organization to carry out a work or a mission of general interest. The initial endowment to create an endowment fund is set at € 15,000 minimum.
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