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2020-21 MEETINGS


Date : from August 1 to 27, 2021
Location : Kerminy
Organize by : Collectif (n), creation by Écosoma, (n), miny-hack and The Siamang Cie.

University of the forest - 1st session : Long-term work over a month. (minimum of 2 consecutive days).

PANDORHACK or how to hack the ability of a forest to act, and learn from the ways in which all kinds of trees, plants and animals interact. What can hack the generative nature of the communication of such a united community?

Hacking, originally code breakers exploiting the vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities of the elements of a system, experiments with pirate communications, usually out of passion, a sense of play, and the pleasure of exchanging and sharing. The root system of trees, like a vegetal Internet network, as well as the leafy surfaces that capture particles in air flows, allow nutrient sharing as well as plant communications. Let us pair the “vegetal gesture” and its temporal relationship (through latency, slow motion, reaction, the tree, etc.) with that of art, and let us reveal the particular forms and moments generated by the artists: writing-poetry, building tree huts, picking, listening sessions, projecting, drawing, dancing, napping, night walking, etc. Let's look at systems of perceptions that explore continuities, connections and all other new promises… One month of continuous work in the forest.

PANDORHACK is open to all , explorers in France, send your artistic proposals in a few lines to this email address:

Registrations : contact@kerminy.org



Date : Thursday the 27th August
Location : Kerminy
organized by : Collectif Kerminy

Come celebrate the official opening of Kerminy thursday the 27th of August!

You can come with something to share (a performance, a speech, a bottle, a cake, a garden tool, good news, an invention, a work of art, a tree…)

NB : The healthy security measures will be adapted to the place Kerminy and special conventions agreements for the artists to work are possible on request.


Postponed date

Date : Friday March 27 at 6:00 p.m.
Location : 39, rue Felix Thomas in Nantes
Organize by : n & BONUS

Kerminy and Pan Forum
Presentation and exchanges proposed by Marina Pirot and Dominique Leroy, collective (n).

Kerminy is a future residence place for artists who work around the autonomy of art and its modes of involvement. Kerminy is part of the international network Pan Forum (Spain, UK, Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic). Sites run by artists questioning the conditions of the work of art and systems of interdependence. The presentation of Kerminy and Pan Forum will continue with a debate on artistic solidarity.

link → https://panforum.net


Date postponed to spring 2021

Date : MAY 2021
Location: Kerminy
Organize by : n

link Agrilab #1 → : https://n-a.life/portfolio/agrilab/
Enriched by the experiences and workshops of the first meetings of 2019 in Bouguenais les Couëts (44) on a market gardening site near Nantes, Agrilab #2 in Kerminy will be able to question the ecology of the arts to work “without transition”!
During one week, everyone is invited to propose to the other participants a workshop or a presentation linked to their activity and research. The workshops are driven by the desire to share know-how, thinking skills and experiments with the landscape. In connection with the issues of ecological change and artistic renewal, these practical workshops feed discussions and research around new “agri-cultural” modes of production. Agrilab is based on the principle of peer-to-peer exchange.


Préparation rencontre lutherie expérimentale.


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