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Date: 4th to 17 of JULY, 2023
Place: Kerminy
Organised by: Collectif (n)
More informations and booking: contact@kerminy.org

During 2 weeks, (n) organise a meeting in Kerminy with any musicians, sound artists, instruments makers - professionals or not- , DIY soundartists, hackers, electronic & numeric sound makers, everyone curious or interested by SOUNDS. This week will be a moment for listenning, thinking, meetings and playings together…

The organisation will operate “in live” : improvisation moments, presentations, etc.
To contribute you have to book - free price and membership to (n) and there is no selection.



Date: from AUGUST 1 to 27, 2022
Location: Kerminy
Organize by: Collectif (n)
University of the forest - 1st session : Long-term work over a month. (minimum of 2 consecutive days).

PANDORHACK or how to hack the ability of a forest to act, and learn from the ways in which all kinds of trees, plants and animals interact. What can hack the generative nature of the communication of such a united community?

Hacking, originally code breakers exploiting the vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities of the elements of a system, experiments with pirate communications, usually out of passion, a sense of play, and the pleasure of exchanging and sharing.
The root system of trees, like a vegetal Internet network, as well as the leafy surfaces that capture particles in air flows, allow nutrient sharing as well as plant communications.
Let us pair the “vegetal gesture” and its temporal relationship (through latency, slow motion, reaction, the tree, etc.) with that of art, and let us reveal the particular forms and moments generated by the artists: writing-poetry, building tree huts, picking, listening sessions, projecting, drawing, dancing, napping, night walking, etc.
Let's look at systems of perceptions that explore continuities, connections and all other new promises… One month of continuous work in the forest.

PANDORHACK is open to all , explorers in France, send your artistic proposals in a few lines to this email address: contact@kerminy.org

Registrations : contact@kerminy.org



“Art's Birthday” is an annual event first proposed in 1963 the 17th of January by the French artist Robert Filliou to celebrate Art.
It was 1,000,000 years after ART was born. Filliou proposed to celebrated each 17th of January as a public holiday to celebrate the presence of art in our lives.

For this very special birthday, Kerminy celebrate each ART BIRTHDAY in a performing moment, anybody can propose a way to celebrate with others!

Date: 2021, JANUARY, 17
Place: Kerminy
Organised by: Collectif (n)
Official WebSite: https://www.artsbirthday.net
Plateforme to communicate: https://www.artsbirthday.net/2019/
More informations and booking: contact@kerminy.org

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