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Meeting of lutherie & landscape music

Date of the 2nd meeting : from July 4 to 17, 2022
Location : Kerminy | Rosporden → https://open.kerminy.org/d_infos
Organisé par : Collectif (n)
Registration on framapad : FLUXPAD

Number of participants: 20 people maximum

For about ten days, Kerminy welcomes experts and non-experts, musicians, sound artists, professional or non-professional, instrument hackers, sound practitioners and/or curious people interested in sound issues. It is a time for listening, making, thinking, exchanging, sharing and playing.

The contents of the meetings are offered “live” (on site) by the participants (listening time, instrument making workshops, improvisation workshops, discussions on sound art, noise, electronics, digital… ). Participation in the meetings (3 days minimum) is on registration, is at free price + membership at n and without selection criteria.

Fluxon is more a space for creating, researching, than a festival, but participants are free to propose evenings (crossing disciplines and approaches are welcome).

Practical information :
Participants meet each morning over a coffee, they are invited to discuss the practical issues of the day, to share information, to propose workshops. Around these collective times, everyone organizes their work, their exchanges, their circulation between groups and spaces throughout the day. Informal times make it possible to get out of the workshop space, like festive evenings with the contribution of the participants themselves. The good management of meetings is based on shared tools of organization, animation, production, facilitation of participation and exchanges.

Accommodation on site :

Le logement est possible au château de Kerminy via OPEN qui gère l'accueil dans le lieu. Une zone de camping est également aménagée par l'asso n le temps des rencontres moyennant une participation de 8€/jour pour l'organisation, les charges et consommables).

Meals :

The association which organizes FLUXON does not offer a catering service. Meal times are self-organized by the participants themselves (solo or in groups). The association provides all the kitchen necessities (cooking modules, crockery, cutlery, etc.). Conviviality goes through improvised shared meals on site, in accordance with the values ​​of the place (vegetables from Cyclo-farm, local products, or recovery cooked collectively…)

Spaces and equipment
For FLUXON meetings, n and Kerminy provide several indoor spaces and make access to outdoor spaces possible:

  • The Ecosoma practice room equipped with worktops and benches (the room is 12m X 6m)
  • L'atelier de n (electronics, digital, wood and metal construction)
  • A forest of several hectares and meadows
  • Several gardening areas of the Cyclo-farm
  • Audiovisual equipment and electronic supplies (sound system, Linux computers, etc.)
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