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Artistic researchs make the place !

Video → “Poulpidou art center” realised in decembre 2020.

Kerminy is an new place working about aesthetics transitions. Kerminy invents its autonomy, self-reliance, thanks to the residents creative practices in relation to the kerminian environment as plants, agriculture as social. Agri, perma, poly-cultural gestures shape the place in an artistic way where actions are Art according to the renewal of artistic forms between creations and thoughts.

Our postures as artists, researchers are transgressive about interpersonal skills and knowledge. Kerminy experiences regenerate our practices that work along with theoretical, activist and committed exchanges.

The orientation of Kerminy area (12,5 hectares) is largely determined by the community of the artist residency and agricultural activities. Uses are linked with every day life, working places, and non human beings living in the fields and the forest in a continuous way.

HUGE THANKS to the 200 contributors and more who came to Kerminy since last June!

Photo → “Fountains'wood” and one of the salamanders we met.

4 Associations

Photo without special effects → a resident with a cabbage-headed man…cabbage from the garden!

The experiments shape this plural place:

Kerminy is made up of these 4 associations: the castle-residence for OPEN, (n) artistic studios, dancing rooms for ECOSOMA, and the artistic garden for CYCLO-FARM. They are self-organisations with no subside, so their self-management only works with your contributions, memberships, donations and the cost participation during your stays in residence, which are the unique resources.
So, please, let circulate this newsletter, join the associations and invite people around you to support Kerminy!

To visit Kerminy and its artistic farm, beeing accompanied by permanent members, every 1st Friday of each month, please book at : contact@kerminy.org, Tel: 0(33)666659631


Photo → Music Chapel, standing musical instrument in Kerminy' Chapel.

  • - ART BIRTHDAY: JANUARY, the 17th.
    ⇒ event postponed for a double art festival on January 17, 2061…
  • - FLUXON, Meeting about landscape and DIY instruments: from 25 AVRIL to 2d MAY.
  • ⇒ Public moment 1st end 2d of MAY.
  • ⇒ Public moment on Sunday the 20 JUIN & Friday 25 JUNE.
  • - PANDORHACK, University of the forest: from August 1st to 27, 2021
  • ⇒ public week-ends : AUGUST, 21 & 22 and AUGUST, 26-27-28-29.
  • - MINY-MooN ⇒ Jam, improvisation sessions each full moon nights.

Infos about these EVENT in Kerminy website.

Kerminy artistic meetings are weeks of workshops driven by the desire to share know-how, thinking skills and experiments with the landscape. In connection with the issues of ecological change and artistic renewal, these practical workshops feed discussions and research around new “agri-cultural” modes of production. Some public moments (a weekend or a few days) will be opened to all.
Let’s book to come and contribute!


The workshops Devenir Végétal, are going on with the 2d workshop of the research on somatic practices and danse, on February the 6 & 7 for the “Winter session”. You can already subscribe!


Photos→ Four à pain bread oven built by (n), December 2020 & stained glass in the chapel.

  • - 1 REPAIR WEEK : from March, 20 to 26 Mars 2021 / Arrangement of the kitchens and first floor bedrooms.
  • - 2 REPAIR WEEKS : from May 15 to 21 and from June 31 to 4 / Arrangement of the small rooms in the attic.

Volunteers of the Kerminy repair weeks are accommodated, fed and insured by (n) and Open. Registrations by period here: contact@kerminy.org

CYCLO-FARM agricultural work

Sowing, planting, weeding, harvesting in the garden and in the fields is only possible by woofing through wwoof website: CYCLO-WOOFING

Photo → Sowing of round carrots in hexagonal cells.

More infos : CYCLO-FARM

& Pass it around!

Link to subscribe to the Kerminy NEWSLETTER: NEWSLETTER

Kerminy welcomes you from the 15th of January 2021, see you soon in Kerminy!

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