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Inauguration of the bakery before the winter break...

Pictures: bakery of Les Engrainées, Cyclofarm's first hutt.

After a summer full of Cyclo-Farm's veggies, hutt building, artistic meetings, PANDORHACK the university of the forest, FLUXON radio channel, ÉCOSOMA meetings and residencies, Kerminy is getting ready for the upcoming winter.

The last MEETING on Saturday the 23rd of october 2021 at 6 pm is : Inauguration of the bakehouse, project of Lucille Rieux with her association Les Engrainées, which is now a part of Kerminy's konsorsium.

Aperitif will be followed by a MUSICAL JAM for october's Miny Full Moon (a small moon very far away from the Earth) with the unavoidable hoppy beverage, everyone is welcome!

Picture: bakehouse des Engrainées.

- OPEN :

OPEN-Kerminy, artists and researchers' residency WILL BE CLOSED from NOVEMBER the 1rst to FEBRUARY the 15th 2022.
Thank you to all participants and organisers of Convention aR, Planetary dance, danse contact improvisation meetings, and many other residencies in 2021!

Congratulations and thank you to the members for organising new fittings in the new kitchen, the economat and several self-managment tools for Open. A new piano has arrived, thanks to its donor, and a 'mobile bicycle' is now operational and at your disposal!

The General Assembly, Open annual meeting, will be on SATURDAY, APRIL 23 at 3 p.m., before a JAM - Miny Moon for the begining of the 2022 season.

Pictures: blackboards for Open self-organisation, mobile bicycle.


ÉCOSOMA goes on with the workshops “Devenir Végétal” with a winter meeting at Dijon in November 27 & 28 th, all informations here : https://ecosoma.art/actus
The next Ecosoma RDV in Kerminy will be in spring!

Ecosoma leads the project HUM!, with the next residencies in Kerminy.


The artistic vegetable farm Cyclo-Farm realised new transplants last spring at Verger Social Club. We finally harvested tomatoes, eggplants, a few hundred leeks, and welcomed the first chicks born at the Poulpidou center.
A new greenhouse will be installed during the winter to accommodate new artistic experiments.
The shop, a self-service, open-price vegetable direct-sale store, will re-open in spring 2022!

Pictures: shop self-service, chicks.

- (n) :

Thank you to everyone, all the contributors of PANDORHACK , for these great collective sessions and all the shared projects; RDV next August 2022 with a new research module (n) proposed to welcome the participants of this free university … to be continued!

(n) is working on the project MUSIC CHAPELLE and on the preparation of FLUXON # 2 scheduled for July 4-16, 2022.

Pictures: plenary meeting, walk in the forest.

Practical informations to come to KERMINY here: OPEN
& to book your residence from February 15, 2022, it's here

The infos for the saison 2022 season will soon be in the EVENT tab of the Kerminy website: EVENTS

To help Kerminy, let's circulate this newsletter, join associations, invite others to join & reserve your residence!


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