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Opening of the 2022 season !

Photos : team of the construction of “the Big Greenhouse Laboratory”.

Last winter, various constructions and repair weeks with volonteers have happened in Kerminy : sewing and installation of felt curtains, isolation between the 1rst and the 2d floor, and wood cuts to activate the stoves that promise us a 2022 season with the residence OPEN-Kerminy capable of stretching its opening to the heart of next winter.

In this early spring, Kerminy is budding before its re-opening on APRIL 1st. The artistic meetings become annual : FLUXON July 4th - 17th, PANDORHACK the Summer University of the Forest, August 1st - 28th , Miny Moons Jam Sessions and some new appointments.

A novelty : a schedule of chantiers projects for volunteer repair or construction weeks where you can register.

NB : 1st construction site on the small rooms at the 2nd floor from April 11th till 15th : registrations here : contact@kerminy.org


OPEN-Kerminy, the residency for artists and researchers opens on April 1, 2022.

Reservations are here : RESA

& think of the eKonomat with coffee, rice, flour, jams, honey and eggs from Kerminy. You can consult the new welcome booklet to prepare your visit : WELCOME BOOKLET

What's new? : the OPEN-Kerminy library, a new collective space with books in free consultation during your residency.


Photos: Shop 2021 with its honor system payment, the 1st hut of Cyclo-farm.

The artistic vegetable farm Cyclo-Farm has just set up its new Big Greenhouse Labratory. Another construction week for the laying of a large tarpaulin must be organized and this new equipment of Cyclo-farm promises us new artistic, sound, somatic, vegetable experiments, and red tomatoes from the begining of the summer!

Spring is here at Verger Social Club with the first buds on the very vigorous shrubs despite the appetite of the deers! The vegetables shop, a self-service direct sale store with free prices, will re-open at the end of spring, according to bread making day!

(n) :

After its residency in Kerminy, (n) will share “sonomatic explorations”, sound and somatic artistic experiments, during student workshops in Kerminy this spring and this summer for everyone during the artistic meetings FLUXON #2 and PANDORHACK #3.

As a free university prefigures another, (n) initiates KAMPUS project, a free university of ecologies in Arts, in full germination here : KAMPUS].

The first KAMPUS co-design meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 23 at 6 pm in Kerminy… Welcome!

NB: FLUXON #2 will be from July 4th till 16th and PANDORHACK #3 from August 1st till 28th, 2022.
(n) presents the latest version of Dominique Leroy's sound piece: In Our Garden at ÉTÉ 78 in Brussels from March 26th till May 15th and keeps working on the long-term MUSIC CHAPELLE project.

Photo: Music Chapel's piano, oculus stained glass of the chapel, Kerminy.

(n) also organizes the collective construction sites in Kerminy, about a one-week project each month in 2022. You can register here : https://n.kerminy.org/chantiers_kerminy. The next construction site from April 11th till 15th will about finalizing the small cabin rooms on the top floor: wooden floor and lime painting.


ÉCOSOMA explores the walled garden and installs in the new large greenhouse cyclo-farm laboratory its explorations “Becoming Vegetable”.
Écosoma continues HUM! artistic project with an upcoming residency this spring in Kerminy. You will be invited to explore with the artists during the summer for FLUXON and PANDORHACK.

Ecosoma contributes to the emergence of a new dance festival, initiated by the local Community of Municipalities, on a program of “Dance à tous les étages”, appointments on the weekends of 17th-18th and 24th-25th September!

Practical informations to come to KERMINY here: OPEN
& to book your residence from April 1rst, 2022, it's here

& also the welcome booklet to prepare your visit : WELCOME BOOKLET

The infos for the saison 2022 are on the EVENT tab of the Kerminy website: EVENTS

To help Kerminy, let's circulate this newsletter, join associations, invite others to join & reserve your residence!


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