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Pictures: tawny howl found near the chapel, vegetables basked from the closed garden, cyclo-farm, july 2022.


With this year's summer already well starting for this new 2022 season, the residency OPEN-Kerminy welcomes groups and artists working in autonomy or for the kerminians summer events : artistic meetings : FLUXON from July 4th to 17th and PANDORHACK the summer university of the forest from August 1st to 28th and as always, the Jam sessions of the monthly Miny Moons every saturday closest to each full moon.

NEW : Vegetables sefl-picking at Cyclo-Farm every Tuesday from noon to midnight !


For the artistic and searchers residency OPEN-Kerminy, you can make your reservation here : RESA

& think of the éKonomat's coffee, rice, flour, jelly, honey and eggs on sale on site. You can check out the new welcome booklet to prepare your arrival: LIVRET D'ACCUEIL.

New : OPEN-Kerminy's library, new collective space with free to consult books and publications from the residents in donations or deposits.


Pictures : the new big green house, the self-service shop.

Vegetables sefl-picking at Cyclo-Farm every Tuesday from noon to midnight escorted by this season's team. You're welcome anytime.
The artistic vegetable farm Cyclo-Farm has made its new great laboratory-greenhouse even thought the barely put-on tarpaulin didn't resist the storm… In the waiting of doing it again, the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are growing in the open air! Artistic experiments will be on the fields this year once again!

NB: Engrainée's bread batches will come back again at the end of August, Lucille just had her baby !

Cyclo-farm is preparing a radio transmission about agricultural and forestry activity with Rural Development for Radio Art Zone August the 24th from 14h00 (as part of Esch22/European Capital of Culture) :https://radioart.zone/wednesday-24-august

On August 30, a gourmet walk organized by Aven animation stops in Kerminy, shared tastings!

Photos : Cyclo-farm's hutt.

& and soon the building of a second hutt!

(n) :

Pictures :Music Chapel’s piano, Kerminy’s chapel.

(n) organises the meetings :

- FLUXON #2 from July 4th to 17th : there’s some places left, you’re welcome to join in !
Sound encounters of landscape lutherie.

Public sharings on july 16th starting at 4pm followed by the Miny Moon JAM in the evening, & on Sunday 17th solar JAM in the afternoon, open to all.

- PANDORHACK #3, The forest university, from July 1st to Agust 28 2022.
Public sharings : on August 20th-21st and 27th and 28th, open to all.

(n) is working on putting together PARK, sound works and somatic parkours inside of Kerminy’s landscape. A first sonor work « In Our Garden » is in progress…
(n) is working on the project : MUSIC CHAPELLE.

(n) is developing the project KAMPUS, a free university of artistic ecologies, in germination thanks to the first meeting’s contributers ! Next rdv in september.


Photos : Planetary dance, Devenir Végétal, 2021.

ÉCOSOMA is focusing on the creation of a new pratice space in the granary and in installing the new laboratory-greenhouse for future explorations like Devenir Végétal (becoming vegetal) in the greenhouses.

Écosoma keeps on working on the HUM! project with workshops featuring Nantes Atlantique’s desing school’s students and the arts schools of Brest and Quimper.

Performed parkours HUM! will be explored with the artists during FLUXON and PANDORHACK.

Écosoma contributes to the project “Scènes pour un monde nouveau” with study days organised in Kerminy in september. Vegetal questioning is on the table!

Practical informations to come to KERMINY here: OPEN
& to book your residence from April 1rst, 2022, it's here

& also the welcome booklet to prepare your visit : WELCOME BOOKLET

The infos for the saison 2022 are on the EVENT tab of the Kerminy website: EVENTS

To help Kerminy, let's circulate this newsletter, join associations, invite others to join & reserve your residence!


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