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Date : from August 1 to 28, 2022
University of the forest - 2d session : Long-term work over a month. (2 consecutive days minimum). Location : Kerminy, Rosporden (fr)

What would hack the ability of trees to act, the generative and nutritious nature of the “vegetative life” of the forest, a highly united community?

Hacking, from code breakers exploiting the flaws and vulnerabilities of the elements of a system, experiences pirated communications generally by passion, game, pleasure of exchange and sharing. The root system of trees, like a plant internet network, as much as the leaf areas that capture particles in air flows, allow the sharing of nutrients as much as plant communications. Let’s couple the “plant gesture” in its temporal relationship (latency, slow motion, reaction, tree structure) with that of art,

let us testify to the particular motor capacity which can take different forms: rooting, absorption, hatching, mixing, growth, retraction, metamorphosis. In addition, plants put into practice a whole series of methods and strategies to move differently than animals: they associate with natural elements (earth, wind, rain …), insects, rodents, birds, men, and thus succeed in spreading. These manifestations suggest the specifically vegetal capacity to produce “gestures” by leading their observers to grasp them as such, without yielding to an anthropomorphic projection.

Let’s explore systems of perception that attempt continuities, connections and all the hopes still in the box…

PANDORHACK is open to all, explorers of hexogen, register your artistic proposals here:

One month of continuous forest work.

- danse, collective practices - soundscape and transduction - campfire - writing on notebooks - various proposals for experimental workshops on plants (philosophy, edible forest plants, forest art, design) - agroforestry, gathering - wild life - walks - treehouses - list, name species plant names - groups with scores, group experiences - hiding places - listening session - night projection, light experiences - observation drawings - botanical, agronomic around the colonies - the question of hexogen, the question of eco-systemic balances - dance experiences like with Carole - colonization

Registrations : contact@kerminy.org

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