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KERMINY, a place for research residencies around agriculture and art

Kerminy is a meeting place for artistic, research, theoretical and cultural production residencies. Situated in Rosporden, in the west of France, between Quimper, Concarneau and Pont Aven (South-Finistère Sud), Kerminy works autonomous and explores new possibilities for working practices.

An agricultural activity at the heart of the place is developed to the commitment of both permanent and temporary residents.

Around its manor house, its outbuildings, and the 12 hectares of meadows and woods, Kerminy develops ongoing discursive individual and collective autonomous practices, producing knowledge and exchanges in an experimental way.
Kerminy opens in July 2020 and offers many possibilities to contribute… Everyone is welcome!

The official opening of Kerminy is thursday the 27th of August!

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